that pets are as precious as family

This year, travelers are feeling the importance of mountains and the sea more than ever. The long-termization of Corona 19 has led to a reexamination of ‘camping’ to enjoy the natural environment while keeping ‘social distance’ 백링크 instead of famous tourist attractions that frequently contact others. Demand for design goods is also increasing for ’emotion’ that can be felt at camping grounds. For “emotional campers” who want to express their personality and leave beautiful photos, the food and beverage industry is introducing a variety of outdoor goods (pictures). It meets practical functions and beautiful designs at the same time, so it is easy to enjoy products in outdoor environment and take emotions.
According to related industries on the 18th, Torretta! and Energinus are offering a variety of camping equipment to make it easier to take “emotional” camping photos, attracting the attention of emotional campers.Coca-Cola’s Torretta! Is a classic Bromton bike, a Stanley Icebox & Bottle set for picnic and camping, Torretta! Design Bo-Coldback, Apolis Toteback & Torreta!We have prepared items with both design and practicality that stimulate emotions such as keying.
All products have a green color combination that can feel the fresh image of Torretta! Torretta! Signature logo can be used to make the camping ground bright and bright. Torretta!Promotions for prizes for buyers will be held through various channels such as convenience stores, marts, and online during May ~ June. Details of the event are different for each channel.
Energinus has partnered with Kobea, a camping equipment specialty store, to promote cute camping equipment. You can make a unique prop by adding Energinus Illustration Waffen to Covea’s ‘Ground Chair’ and ‘Bonnie Ta Cutlery Set’. Those who want to enrich their camping equipment can also challenge the lottery of prizes such as △ 2-person tent △ cooler △ mini table △ camping mug by uploading a certification shot to the official Instagram of Energinus. The event will be held until June 30th.
Iconic fast food brands are in the ‘Deokhu’ market with their unique designs that can be seen at a glance. Shake is an item that actively uses its logo and is attracting the attention of ‘Deokhoo’. Collaboration (collaboration) with clothing brand Capital Radio Tunes added a vibrant color to the shake icon. The ‘Checknic Set’, which expresses its identity in a different way with the designer’s touch, has been released in four kinds of picnic mats, luggage, T-shirts and bucket hats, and can be found in the Capital Radio Tunes online store.
SPC Dunkin is promoting ‘Pringles Bohm Cake’ through collaboration with potato chip brand Pringles. The bright orange and red background symbolizing Dunkin’s is added to the Pringles icon and ‘Julius Pringles’ printing to complete the witty cold-back design. Pringles cold-backs are available at Dunkin’ stores nationwide (excluding some stores) and are sold until inventory is exhausted.
McDonald’s Korea has released a limited edition of the unique design, Goods ‘Picnic Set’. It is a pattern of picnic bags that shape flowing cheese and three types of plates (one big plate, two small plates) that can be used outdoors. It is available not only in camping but also in light picnics; McDonald’s picnic sets are available at McDonald’s stores nationwide for two weeks starting May 13.
There are also items for those who want practical items that are not lacking even if they are used with precious people.

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