How about expressing love without calculation?

The movie I’m going to review today is If Only (2004). In October 2004, when it was off-season, actors who were not used to it in Korea were shown for more than six weeks due to explosive response from the audience. If Only, which is also a representative melodramatic/romantic movie, I knew about it, but I never tried to watch it. Recently, I came across a movie introduction program and thought that I should watch it right away. Who can define the word “love”?That’s what I thought, but I think I’ll learn a little bit about ‘love’ if I watch this movie. Let’s start the review of the movie If Only.

If Only

What is the plot of the movie?

If Only, 2004

One day, beloved woman Samantha (Jennifer Love Hewitt) died in an accident. Ian (Paul Nichols), the man who left the woman he loved, hugs Samantha’s score and falls asleep. The next day, when I opened my eyes, I heard a familiar sound from the side, and I was surprised to see Samantha was there. Ian, who thought of the past as a dream, tells Samantha what happened, but she doesn’t believe it. However, a fixed fate will happen again! Everything Ian went through the previous day appears in different ways, and Ian tries to convey his true love to Samantha before it is too late. Indeed, can their days be different?

If Only

A taxi driver who knows everything.

If Only, 2004

Ian, who took a taxi to go to Samantha’s graduation concert, had a conversation with a taxi driver. The taxi driver looks at Ian in the rearview mirror and asks, “A heavy rain warning on the love ship?” and asks the question. Ian tries not to answer at first, but he gradually talks about his situation. Ian says he is worried because he cannot make Samantha happy. And they want to go somewhere for 15 days, but they say they can’t go together.

At this time, the taxi driver says this to Ian again. “Can I live if I can see you again after breaking up at the airport?” Ian said he couldn’t. The taxi driver says, “Be thankful that she’s next to you.” It can be inadvertently passed on to the conversation at the beginning of the movie, but I thought this was the most important part of the movie. I was thankful that there was someone I loved next to me, and I thought the taxi driver’s words to love me without calculation would define love.

If Only

A man who knows everything.

If Only, 2004

There is one more person who knows everything besides the taxi driver in the movie. The main character is Ian. I think it was a harsh day for Ian in the movie. I love Samantha so much, but I couldn’t readily answer her request to see her parents. And it was a day when he and Samantha had important presentations and concerts. The accident happened on a day when it was too busy to take care of each other. But would Ian have acted like that if he said it was the last day he could see Samantha?

On the day we go back, Ian tries to do something he hasn’t done since the morning with Samantha. The reason I didn’t want to meet Samantha’s parents was because of his story as a child, but I tell them honestly. And you tell Samantha how you feel that you haven’t expressed before. During the 90-minute running time, I seemed to realize some of the many meanings in the words that I had easily written “love” through conversations with Ian, Samantha and others.

If Only

Love is not counting

If Only, 2004

토렌트왈 Ian “If you don’t have much time left… What would you do if you could only live one day in your life?”

Samantha says, “You buy shoes first, then you eat ice cream, and you date a top underwear model… What’s the obvious question? There’s only one answer. I’m going to spend time with you.”

Ian “Really?”

Samantha says, “We’ll be together. Like now, doing nothing.”

Ian “Really? Anything else?”

Samantha said, “Not two… It feels like we’re one. You’re truly united. From trivial to profound. As I wish, I am not afraid of death.”

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The conversation between two people in an old, small stone house. The preciousness of being next to a loved one gets used to it faster than I thought, and the fact that he is next to you makes me indifferent. I think it’s a stronger conversation between Ian and Samantha who knew Samantha was going to die today. Finally, Ian, who put everything down and chose to die instead of Samantha, and Samantha, who is left alone, feel the sadness that Ian felt. And they show complicated emotions such as belated regret and sorry. This movie was a movie that made me realize the importance of the closest lover again, as if two men and women were talking on behalf of everyone, saying, “I love you without calculation because I don’t know when, how, or where the precious person will leave.”

So today, we did a review of the movie “If Only” (2004). It’s not a movie with a big curve overall, but it seemed to express the feelings of men and women in detail. Wouldn’t if Only be a movie that brings the same emotions even if you watch it again a few years later? If Only, which is a good movie to watch with loved ones, will go well with warm spring days. Today, if there is someone I love next to me, why don’t you express your love without paying?

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