When the seasons change, I want to go back to the course.

If you are planning a cost-effective trip to the South Sea, you want to introduce a city tour called “South-Central Quilted GO” that offers city tours to Jinju, Sacheon, Namhae, and Hadong, Gyeongsangnam-do, in addition to Yeosu, Suncheon, Gwangyang, Goheung and Boseong. If you choose one of the six courses in Nubigo, which travel to and from nine cities and counties in Yeongho-nam, you can see the representative tourist attractions from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. for an adult fee of 8,000 won. If you are planning to visit Yeosu and Suncheon in the Seoul metropolitan area, remember that you can visit the southern coast of South Gyeongsang Province on a south-central city tour. In the opposite case, it can be used in a round trip or one way, so you can travel to the southern coast.

I’m curious about the southern coast city tour.

Two cities were established for joint prosperity and win-win development at the Southern Central Development Council, which was established to develop nine cities and counties in Yeongho-nam into leading Singing Area. It is a southern coastal city tour that is carried out as a cooperation project between the military and the higher level. It is a wide-area tourism program that links the natural environment, cultural heritage sites, and excellent tourism resources in Yeongho-nam, and has a regular route every Saturday from March to November.

While planning a trip to Namhae, he chose courses 1, 2 and 3 to tour Jinju, Sacheon, Namhae, and Hadong, Gyeongsangnam-do, starting from Yeosu or Suncheon, Jeollanam-do. If you choose the courses, you can travel the opposite way and tour Gwangyang, Goheung and Boseong. Therefore, it is expected to play a major role in strengthening mutual cooperation and forming a venue for exchanges between the two Koreas.

Separate costs such as restaurants, admission fees, and experience fees are borne by users, and the tour fee is 8,000 won for adults (19 years of age or older) / 5,000 won for teenagers (19 years of age) / 4,000 won for preschoolers, national merit, route preference, and disabled people. If you make a group reservation for more than 20 people, you can make a weekday operation if you ask in advance. You can find out more about the southern coastal travel course and how to make a reservation by visiting the website. www.njg.or.kr

Southern Coast South Central Development Council
Southern Central Development Council for Nine Cities/Guns in the Central Coast of South Jeolla Province


South China Quilted Go South Coast City Tour Regular Route 2 (266km distance)

Nubigo, which was chosen as a trip to Namhae, departed from Yeosu Civic Center at 8 a.m. and moved to Suncheon Court followed by Yi Sun-shin Soon-guk Park, Namhae Horticultural Art Village, German Village, Sacheon Sea Cable Car, and Aerospace Museum. They follow the quarantine rules such as making a list and using hand sanitizer before departure. The bus was so pleasant that I could travel and relax.

Yi Sun-sin Soon-guk Park

841 Cha-myeon-ri, Gohyeon-myeon, Namhae-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do

It was a theme park located in front of the sea, and there were many playgrounds for children in a wide area mixed with spring flowers, which was excellent as a travel course on the southern coast with their families. There is also a hanok experience center where you can play traditional games. I can see as much as I know because there are video data.

Go to the Yi Sun-sin Video Hall, a three-minute walk from the park We also met the historic site of Yi Chung Mu Gong in Gwaneumpo. Gwaneumpo Sea Station No. 232, a historical site that comes to mind when you travel to Namhae, is the last battleground of the Imjin War, where Admiral Yi Sun-shin died after his enemy was hit by a hand grenade. At that time, Joseon’s hydrangea had a record of sinking more than 200 Japanese boats.

The path to the observatory, where Chungmugong’s remains were first raised to the land, is a 500m gentle forest road with a quick view of Gwaneumpo waters from the entrance, and the deep pine scent is memorable. There is also a short camellia tree under the pine tree, which gives you healing when you walk.

Namhae Horticultural Art Village and German Village

39 Samdong-myeon, Namhae-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do, Republic of Korea

With the theme of each country, the living garden, which was visited by a horticultural expert, is built along the trail, so it is a place that I want to introduce as a suitable travel course to Namhae at this time of blooming flowers. The pretty flower that I met at the entrance went all the way to the inside and it was good to walk while taking pictures of life.

Passing through the forest road with many flowers and trees, cafes and prop shops can also be seen, making it possible to relax and watch. It is a photo zone wherever exotic architecture and spring flowers come into contact. As you move along the Ferris wheel, a picturesque scenery awaits you.

If you stand in front of the Namhae Horticultural Art Village Cultural Center, you can see the German village you visited. The European garden ‘Lady Garden’ I met on my way out was also beautiful. The glass greenhouse awaits you when you come out of sightseeing. As you pass in front of it and head toward the exit, Dutch-style buildings stop walking.

If you walk around the houses and gardens where you can feel the exotic atmosphere of Korea, Japan, New Zealand, the Netherlands, France, and Switzerland, you will see the entrance to the German village, which enters the best southern coast trip. You can see the Paddock Exhibition Hall, which shows the lives of ethnic Koreans dispatched to Germany as an industrial station in the 1960s, and the German beer market.

If you visit the observatory located inside, you can see the scenery of the German village facing the sea at a glance. Traditional German-style houses huddled together, making it as if they had visited overseas travel destinations. The Namhae Horticultural Art Village is also located three minutes’ walk away, making it a good cost-effective tour of the southern coast.

Lunch is our restaurant’s anchovy ssambap.

1876, Dongbu-daero, Sangdong-myeon, Namhae-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do, Republic of Korea

It is a more memorable travel course to Namhae after having lunch with savory bamboo-bang anchovy ssambap without fishy smell. Because we can choose the restaurant we want autonomously, we visited a restaurant that is famous for its special products such as seasoned radish kimchi and ssambap. Along with the soft texture of dried radish leaves, spring greens and spinach from Namhae were served as side dishes, so I ate it full.

Sacheon sea cable car

Sacheon-daero 18, Sacheon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do

Among the places I visited on the southern coast city tour, I often heard ‘cool’. Even if you use Kevin, you can enjoy the open scenery everywhere, so it is a place you want to visit again with Namhae Horticultural Art Village full of spring flowers. The length of the sea is not short at 2.43km, and the wide ocean view unfolds beneath the feet, refreshing the mind and body.

When Kevin shakes with the sound of the wind at 74 meters above sea level, it is a memorable trip to the South Sea. In addition to the sea mixed with the island, if you use the sea cable car that goes up to the mountain, you can hear “it’s not a waste of entrance fees.” The day I visited looked better with cherry blossoms.

밤투어 대체사이트 Sichuan Aerospace Museum

Korea Air Lines No. 1 in Sanam-myeon, Sacheon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Republic of Korea

As you move with surprise at the size of the permanent outdoor exhibition, where 18 aircraft, three tanks, and three flower pots are displayed, you will find an aerospace museum that collects data on the development history of the aviation industry and the future of the space industry.

In addition to real aircraft and engines, adults, along with curious children, are able to see various educational materials such as hot air balloons, aircraft, rockets, satellites, and astronauts. In the outdoor exhibition hall, you can see the aircraft that appeared in the movie along with the presidential plane, which makes your eyes bigger.

As a travel course to Namhae, I often felt that it was a “cost-effective southern coastal city tour” by visiting Yi Sun-shin Soon-guk Park, Namhae Horticultural Art Village, German Village, Sacheon Sea Cable Car, and Aerospace Museum. In addition to the two courses departing from Yeosu Civic Center and Suncheon Court, all schedules depart at 8 a.m. and travel by bus, which was comfortable until 7 p.m. So I don’t think it’s hard to enjoy the day trip. You can enjoy representative food and attractions together, so when the season changes, you want to go back to the course.

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