Uesca’s opening goal went off.

Lee Seung-woo was put into the first group game after the lease transfer.

Portimonense won 5-1 in the 25th round of the 2020-21 season in the Portuguese Primera Liga at Venue Estadio da Madeira at 4:30 a.m. on the 3rd (Korea time). With the victory, Portimonense finished 10th with 26 points.

Portimonense operated the 3-4-3 formation. Oliveira, Metu, Boa Morte, Anzai, Luquinas, Dener, Mufi, Posinoglu, Willian, Antonio and Samuel formed the starting list; Lee started on the bench. Nacional started with Liaskos, Mathias, Ajouoni, Borgues, Pedrang, Correira and Pischitelli.

The opening goal was Portimonense’s share; Betu, who had a Mufi pass in the 33rd minute, scored and Portimonense led. Nacional sought a counterattack but failed to get a chance properly with a pass miss; Luquinas had a decisive chance in the 43rd minute but was blocked by Pischitelli’s save.

Portimonense even scored an extra goal, with Luquinas pushing in from the center line in the 45th minute counterattack and shaking the Nacional defense and shooting to the corner of the goal. With the score leading to a point, Portimonense scored wide; the first half ended with Portimonense leading 2-0.

In the second half, Portimonense continued to flow, and in the third minute of the second half, Betu sent the ball to the center, and Boa Morte was close to scoring, but he could not connect with the shot. In the eighth minute of the second half, Betu scored an additional goal with a sharp cross from Mufi.

The offensive didn’t stop here; Pali Kande scored in the 16th minute, scoring four points, Nacional’s counterattack followed, and Rosses allowed a run in the 22nd minute to allow the chase. Nevertheless, Portimonense took the lead, and in the 28th minute Luquinas attempted to shoot with Betu’s pass, but headed to the front of Pistitelli.

Portimonense secured his mobility by putting Lee Seung-woo and others in the 41st minute of the second half. Portimonense continued to attack, but Lee Seung-woo showed active performance. Fabricio added an extra goal in the second half to effectively net the game, which ended with Portimonense’s 5-1 victory.
SD Ueska saved the fire over the residue.

Uesca won 2-0 in the 스포츠중계 Twenty20/21 season in Ciudad de Valencia, Valencia, Valencia, Spain, against the 29th round Levante UD on the 3rd (Korea time). Uesca leaped to 18th with a win in five league games and Levante lost two straight league games.

At the beginning of the game, Levante overcame the baseline; De Prutos crossed from the right side to the center in the fourth minute; Morales grabbed it and shot it, but goalkeeper Fernandez hit it.

Uesca hit back: Pereiro crossed from right side to center in the eighth minute, Sandro took the header but went out of the goal.

Ueska’s opening goal came in the 14th minute when Seone crossed from the right side to the center, Mir pushed it into the shot, and the first half ended with Ueska 1-0 ahead.

Levante recovered the flow in the second half; Clerc crossed from the left side to the center in the fifth minute; Marti shot, but goalkeeper Aitor defended.

Uesca added a goal: Seone pushed the pass to the right side in the back-attack situation in the eighth minute, and Mir scored with a shot over Fernandez’s goalkeeper in the 1-1 situation.

Uesca’s momentum continued: Eskriche passed from the left side of the opponent’s box to the other side in the 39th minute, and Lopez grabbed it and shot it, but it was out.The game was finished with a 2-0 Uesca victory.

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