I’m going to come to The Foot Shop in Dangsan-dong next time.

I’ve been clumping my shoulders lately.
I felt like I was getting tired.
So I’m going to take care of it right away.
I felt like I should get it.
I’m going to use the Internet to find a place near Dangsan-dong
I’ve been searching for a lot of good reviews.
I went to Dangsan Massage The Foot Shop.
It’s on the first basement floor, but it’s still outside.
I can see the foot sign at a glance.
It was easy to find.

I don’t have a parking lot around me.
I didn’t bring my car.
This is a big parking lot and free parking.
I don’t worry about parking. Next time, bring your car.
I can take care of it comfortably.
This is also from Exit 10 of Dangsan Station.
I could find it quickly because it was close.
If you come by subway, you can go to the station.
It’s connected, so it’s easier to find.
Just by looking at the logo of the dangsan massage shop at the entrance, Footcare
I could see that it’s a professional shop.
I do the same full body care as any other shop.
It seemed like a specialized place for foot care.

Entering the room, the interior is neat,
It’s decorated with wood. It’s luxurious.
I could feel the atmosphere.
And it’s cozy, warm heartwarming.
I felt comfortable.
Lockers that can store shoes.
There’s nothing to lose your shoes.
I don’t think so.
You can take a foot bath on the other side.
There was also a space.

The light is so cozy.
I felt so comfortable, too.
Maybe it’s because Dangsan massage is a Chinese tradition.
The interior decoration symbolizes China.
There was a cute panda doll.
And I’m a sensitive person these days.
It’s time. Hand sanitizer on the counter.
They prepared it thoroughly.
So I disinfected my hands right away.
Traditional Chinese vibes throughout the store.
The interior decorations are made of props.
It was fun to watch.

to be administered abroad
I even felt like I was gone.
The course is for rear and full body care.
It’s divided into details until time.
Choose the course you want to take.
We can proceed.
I’m going to use aroma oil.
I’ve decided to take full-body care.
If you get a membership price, you can get a discount.
It’s cheaper to use.
To select a course and receive care
I went to the changing room to change my gown.
The change of clothes was made by a private locker.
It’s ready, so you can keep it here.
I can lock things up with a key.
I don’t have to worry about losing it, so relax.
It was nice to be able to take care.

Customer information at the entrance to the fitting room
Here’s the instructions on how to use it.
I think you put it on for your reference.
I thought it would be helpful if I read it once.
You can change into a gown.
Sometimes other places have tight clothes.
Uncomfortable or just one size
Some places are prepared.
But this place has a gown size.
It’s a big enough body shape.
You prepared me to get hit, so I’m comfortable.
It was good to get care.
I changed into a gown.
in quiet music throughout the store.
It was full of subtle scent.

To relax with a foot bath.
Keep your tea warm, too.
It was nice to give it to you.
There are many different types of cars.
It was good to choose and drink.
I don’t usually drink tea.
I don’t drink warm things, but I don’t drink scents.
The atmosphere was nice, so I enjoyed it.
To take a foot bath before receiving the therapy.
I sat in the seat you guided me to.
When you’re sitting while you’re in foot bath,
To make sure your butt doesn’t hurt.
We’ve got a cushion.
I was able to receive it comfortably.

Put your feet in a warm bath and even your car.
Drinks relaxes my nerves, and I feel tired.
It felt like it was getting better.
The bath is loose and the water is red.
It was pretty and smells so good.
If the temperature of the water is too hot,
They even controlled the temperature.
After the foot bath, let’s start with the massager.
I followed the staff to get it.
The foot bath was open.
You’ll get the therapy in the curtains.
The curtain was down.
I came into the room you guided me to.

The bed looked uncomfortable.
But when I lie down, it’s not hard.
It wasn’t uncomfortable.
The cloth on the floor was clean and soft.
The room has a traditional Chinese atmosphere.
It’s been decorated, and it’s really a foreign country.
I felt more comfortable.
I’m lying on my stomach 마포마사지 waiting for you.
The teacher came in.
Is there any pain or discomfort?
I want to focus on the care.
They asked if there’s a part.
I have a lot of clumps in my shoulders.
Stand up. My legs are swollen.
I asked for your shoulders and legs.
I like strong pressure, so if you make it strong,
I said it was okay.

It’s the part that’s usually lumped together with aroma oil.
They even untied the lumps.
I don’t know if it’s okay to count in between.
Ask him. He’s so kind. He likes it.
I was more satisfied with the correct answer.
You’re at home doing that with your hands.
My shoulders and legs wouldn’t relax even if I didn’t.
It felt like it was being released at once.
I’m sure he’s professionally here.
I need to be cared for by someone.
I thought I was going to do it.
Now that the situation is here,
I was also worried when I came to take care of myself.
I’m afraid there’s a lot of people going back and forth.
Every single day, the entire quarantine is thorough.
He said he’d do it.
There’s a hand sanitizer in the store.
It looked like you were taking care of it thoroughly.
I want to know if you’re coming to this place for supervision.
You’re not going to be able to get the spray out of your hands.
They use it to pay attention to quarantine.

I’m relieved to hear that you’re disinfecting thoroughly.
I can always trust you and visit you.
It’s open until 1 a.m. after work.
I’m here late and I’m here.
I like the fact that I can get it.
Next time, with family, lovers, and friends.
It would be nice to come with you.
No.1 Footcare Shop in Korea
Just because it’s a famous place, it’s expensive.
I thought it would cost a lot.
The price range of the massages in Dangsan is low.
The best service at the lowest price.
It was nice to get it.
I’m going to come to The Foot Shop in Dangsan-dong next time.

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