The smooth black is the season or the fashion

Before Corona burst, I had fun gathering with my family on the holiday, eating food, laughing and talking, but this year I had to concentrate because of Corona. Of course, it was so good to rest

I want to feel the crowded holiday scenery again as soon as possible. I was so excited that I could not think of it during the holiday season, but I thought I would present a toy that made a duck-shaped snowball to the children during the last heavy snowfall, but I should have 레플리카 bought it even if it was late

I was so sorry that the children talked about it again. The snow melted and the weather is warmer now. The number of confirmed people is reduced so much that it will be a better year than last year. I want to go out without a mask and go out to Corona quickly.

I want to go on a trip abroad that I planned before I was born. I hope it will be a warm vacation place and a vacation day soon. As many of you will say, 2020 started with a lot of expectations, but it was a very difficult year for me personally.

When you go out to defeat Corona, please wear a mask and please keep your personal hygiene constant!In Japan, a YouTuber contacted thousands of people with content that traveled to many cities without a mask, and eventually it was positive.

I hope you will be punished and awakened by the great repercussions of one’s immoral behavior. Let’s go!After the holidays, I went back to my daily life.

Fight! The item I’m going to introduce today is the collection of the very elegant and feminine brand Van Cliff Apel’s Iconic Watch Alhambra!The Alhambra collection, which debuted in 1968, was designed with the motif of Lucky Cham.
It is being designed and sized.

It is a collection created with the motif of a lucky icon that transcends the times, and it uses a rare material, so we continue to show wonderful collections in harmony with jewelry. The product I bought

22.7 X 22.7 mm. It’s made of elegant yellow gold case. Rose Gold bezel has a dense round detail. The brilliant Kiyoshe Yellow Gold Dial is set up to make it elegant and luxurious

It’s a good show. It’s a size, so it’s missing the index. It’s only a cute handset. The brand logo and index are omitted. In fact, even if you look at the case,

I think he skipped the logo because I can tell if it’s a product. Backbags are mattely polished with solid bags. Vancliff Apel logo engraved. It’s a quartz watch, so it’s especially easy for women to manage.

It is a signature product symbolizing Van Cliff Apel. It was purchased through Hong Kong direct purchase. Especially, I see a lot of Nexlis, but I do not like my neck discomfort.

It was a little more expensive. But the clock was definitely more expensive. 0 straps can be cut down in a variety of ways. I bought it with a product matched with a glossy blue crocodile leather band.Depending on your taste, you can line from white to pink, red and wine color

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