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Kim Min-jae (25, Beijing Guoan), the national soccer team’s central defender, was once again involved in the European League transfer. In particular, there is a possibility of eating a rice bowl with Son Heung-min (29) of Tottenham Hotspur in the English Premier League (EPL), which is drawing 스포츠중계 great attention.
“Tottenham is pushing for the recruitment of his national team-mate defender Kim Min-jae,” the English media football team said on Thursday. “It could be an important goal for the team to prevent London’s rivals from going to Chelsea.”
Kim Min-jae, who is 190cm tall and weighs 88kg, is not expected to be pushed in the struggle with big European players. Kim Dae-gil (55), KBS N Sports Soccer Commentator, was also optimistic that Kim Min-jae will work in the EPL. Kim Dae-gil, a member of the committee, said in a telephone conversation with the main newspaper on the 17th, “Considering physicals, it seems that it will be enough for EPL. “I think the chances of success will be higher considering the position of defenders, not strikers,” he said.
“But the linguistic part is the variable,” he said. Many Korean players who have entered the European stage have been struggling with language problems. Son Heung-min is well adapted from a linguistic aspect, but if the language adaptation is slow, it may have a long time to suffer. “
“EPL scouts conduct thorough verification before recruiting players,” said Kim Dae-gil. “If we advance to EPL, it is a good thing for defender Kim Min-jae,” he said. “We would have thought that Kim Min-jae’s success was enough.”
There is a reason why Kim Min-jae’s move to Tottenham is strong: Tottenham sent veteran defender Jan Vertongen, 34, to SL Benfica (Portuguese) in the transfer market last summer. The defensive line this season is packed with Toby Alderbeiralt (32), Davinson Sanchez (25), Eric Dyer (27), Zappet Tangganga (22) and Joe Rodden (24), but the synergy effect is not great. Rather, he is showing defensive anxiety such as making mistakes.
Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho, 58, said ahead of Sheffield on Thursday: “In a situation where you can score, you have to score, and you have to make no mistakes that lead to a run. If you make a mistake in defense, you will be punished and if you do not make a mistake, you will win. “
Kim Min-jae, who made his professional debut in 2017 wearing K-League 1 (Part 1) Jeonbuk Hyundai uniform, showed off his presence by winning the main position from the first year. In August of the same year, he made his debut in the A match with the Taegeuk mark.
He was in the top K-League defenders’ rank and has since turned to overseas. In January 2019, he moved to Beijing Guoan in the Chinese Super League with a transfer fee of $6 million (about 6.6 billion won) in Jeonbuk, which he sought to advance to the EPL first, but failed. Even then, a number of clubs, including EPL Tottenham, Lazio (Italy) and PSV Eindhoven (Dutch), sent a love call.
But the transfer was lost in the final stage of negotiations. Tottenham and Beijing failed to reach an agreement after tugging the transfer fee. Tottenham set a £9 million (£13.5 billion) fee for Kim Min-jae’s transfer at the time, but the Beijing club has called for a whopping 15 million pounds (£22.5 billion).
Of course, Kim Min-jae did not abandon his dream of entering the European stage even after going to China. “It’s a dream for all the players to play on the European stage,” he said on the Asian Football Confederation website in December last year. He is playing in China right now, but his desire for Europe has not cooled down at all.
The table is also being actively promoted by prestigious European clubs, and Tottenham, Chelsea and Arsenal are also interested in recruiting Kim Min-jae. Local media believe that this winter’s transfer market is the best time to recruit Kim Min-jae from European clubs. The contract between Kim Min-jae and Beijing ends in December, which can be the last opportunity for Beijing to get a satisfactory transfer fee.
The media, Transfermarkt, which specializes in news of European football transfer, is putting Kim Min-jae’s market value at 2 million euros (about 2.7 billion won).If the Beijing club calls the transfer fee to a reasonable level, Kim Min-jae’s EPL will be fully realized

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