Private fishing is prohibited. If you want to go fishing,

Gangjin, Culture Exploration No. 1, is full of things to see and enjoy.
Among them, Gaudo Island, a healing island representing Gangjin, is loved as a beautiful and wonderful place in all four seasons.

Just walking on the suspension bridge while looking at the open sea can relieve the stress of Corona19.
Gaudo Island is an island, but you can 힐링업 enter Gaudo Island through the bridge connecting Mangho-ri, Doam-myeon, Gangjin, and Jeodu-ri, Daegu-myeon.

Gangjin Gaudo, which was selected as one of the top 100 attractions of Korea Tourism Organization in 2019, is becoming a beautiful island.
If you look at the view from the celadon tower due to the spread of Corona 19, the ride of zip tracks and marine leisure jet boats has been suspended for a while, but it is fun to enjoy nature and walk along the deck.
When Corona ends, make sure to ride the zip track, which is about 1km long and is the longest in the country as a marine experience facility.

The place I went to was near the Mangho Hulleong Bridge.
Gaudo is divided into Jeodu Hoeng Bridge (438m, 10 minutes on foot) connected to Daegu-myeon and Mangho Ho Ho Ho Hoong Bridge (716m, 15 minutes on foot) connected to Doam-myeon, and you can only enter on foot.

Gaudo is called Gaudo because the shape of the island corresponds to a cow’s yoke.
Now that I know the meaning, I get to take a closer look at the island.
It is the only attraction among the eight islands of Gangjin, and the deck road along the coastal taebang-ro is also a trekking course.

It is a wonderful island where you can walk into the island, and there is no entrance fee, so if you have visited Gangjin, please visit there.
Except for the four-wheeled carts that carry daily necessities of the residents, you can’t enter the car, so you can walk in slowly savoring the scenery.

In the middle of the Gaudo Hoop Bridge, there is a glass floor section with a life tube and a view of the floor, which is thrilling.
On windy days, you can also experience heart-wrenching experiences.

Gaudo’s jumping bridge is called a jumping bridge, but it doesn’t actually shake.
When you look down at the surrounding sea when you walk, the shape of the waves fluttering feels as if they are fluttering.

If you walk along the deck road past the suspension bridge, you can see the Yeongrangnaru Rest Area.
Unlike the atmosphere of Yeongrang’s birthplace, you can see the modern version of the sophisticated Yeongrang Kim Yunsik.
There are poems such as “Until the Peony Blooms” and other gemstones on display around it, so you can take a break while reading the poem.

In particular, we also have a photo zone bench so that you can take a proof shot with poet Kim Young-rang.
The idea of creating a small shelter with poet Kim Young-rang’s work, which was born by Gangjin, was outstanding so that the deck road would not be boring.

Poet Kim Young-rang sings delicate and brilliant lyricism in a well-polished language and is loved by many generations.
There are many healing attractions in Gangjin, from the Yeongrangsaenga to the Poetry Museum, so you can take a look around with Gaudo.

The view from Gaudo is as beautiful as a picture.
The wind blowing into Gaudo with spring energy was warm, so I could look back slowly and leisurely.

The road to Cheongja Tower, which is 25m high on the top of Gaudo, is decorated with a pavilion-shaped sculpture to realize that we came to Gangjin.
Gangjin-gun holds a celadon festival every year to promote the excellence of Goryeo celadon at home and abroad.
Gangjin, which produces the best celadon works, is also a place where celadon culture was blossomed for 500 years during the Goryeo Dynasty due to its mild climate and abundant clay.

Individual fishing is prohibited in Gaudo, so if you want to fish, you can enjoy fishing within the fishing grounds prepared by Gaudo residents.

You can also see various Gangjin specialties at the entrance of Gaudo.
Gangjin’s agricultural products are famous all over the country, so you can take a look around.

This year, I hear that Gangjin Gaudo will have a 150m long real bridge.
You’ll be able to make a thrilling bridge.
We look forward to the transformation of a beautiful island surrounding Gangjin Bay’s sea landscape like a folding screen.

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